Info for Families & Friends


Giving support and sympathy to a friend or family member who has lost a baby can seem daunting and uncertain, especially if you've never experienced the loss of a child yourself. We know that you grieve with your loved ones. The child may be your grandson or granddaughter, niece or nephew, cousin or your best friend's long-awaited little one. We want you to know we are so deeply sorry for your loss and understand the pain. It's important, though, to be there for the parents of the child in any way you can. Here are some quick guidelines for supporting your loved ones and giving that help.


  • Remember: It is always better to say something than nothing.
  • As time goes on it will mean the most for you to talk about the sweet baby that you miss so that the family knows that you have not forgotten him or her.
  • All holidays and events can be hard — not just the big ones — because hopes and dreams for that child have been cruelly dashed.  
  • There is no standard amount of time for grieving and everyone grieves differently —  even if weeks, months or years have passed, always remember to offer love, support and a listening ear.
  • And lastly, pray for the parents as much as you can. Pray for the parents to have strength and comfort as they process their grief. Pray they find peace and support in Jesus. Pray they feel surrounded and never alone.