Who We Are


“We hope to encourage people through our own Charlie Man’s story as well as through the stories of others who have walked his road before us.”

  • Patrick and Sarah Erwin,

Founders of Charlie's Hands and Feet

Through donations, word of mouth, and the help of the hospital labor and delivery team, Charlie's Hands and Feet connects with families to provide financial support for immediate physical needs (such as groceries and bills) and share the hope we have that this world is not our home and that there is a peace that can be obtained even in this dark time.

Founded by Patrick and Sarah Erwin after the loss of their son Charlie in 2017, Charlie's Hands and Feet is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping those who are going through one of the darkest times a family can go through: the loss of a baby. This organization seeks to provide a community for those looking for support, and to provide that support wherever it is needed.

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